Manaco Neighboring Shellfish Pots/Bags

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Below are pictures of Manaco neighbors who have shellfish pots and bags. Next door Manaco neighbor Ren and Susan Dyke, has shellfish bags that he's put triploid pacific oysters and kumamoto oysters. Ren has also planted 2-3,000 baby manila clams under a fine mesh net in his sandy beach area.

Jon and Kari Soth has chained a crab pot to a large piece of concrete in front of their Camano Waterfront Inn, about a mile and a half north of Manaco and 1/2 a mile south of Onamac Point.
Jon and Kari Soth have a website for their Camano Bed and Breakfast at:

At the bottom is a Stanwood/Camano News article from June 24, 2008 about a group of Maple Grove area neighbors who are doing some shellfish farming.

Manaco neighbor Ren Dykes oyster bags.

Jon and Kari Soths shellfish ranch, south of Onamac

Maple Grove Boat launch area

Maple Grove Boat launch area