Manaco Shellfish Update May 16, 2008

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the triploid pacific oysters are doing great. they are gaining weight/size during this time of year because of the all the plankton and small animal food in the water.
i'll be nailing a laminated information sheet to the manaco bulkhead, so the locals can know what's going on with the shellfish, and the manaco community club members can figure out where to pick up some of the oysters that their dues paid for.
i encourage manaco people to check out the oysters/mussels and/or pick some out for eating. there are plenty of oysters for manaco people. the oysters are a little crowded, and the oysters that are eaten will leave more room and food for the remaining oysters.
below are pictures of the four shellfish pot area's i've set up and a copy of the laminated information sheet i'll be nailing to the bulkhead. also some other beach pictures.