Camano Island Tourist Map from 1958

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Below is a Camano Island and West of Interstate 5 map from around 1958. Some people have e-mailed or phoned me about that map, wanting copies which I've been able to get them. Here's some trivia about the map.

It's 17 X 13.5 inches. Relatives always pointed out that our dad was liked by the map maker, and therefore he had his name on Manaco Resort as "Mel Bloom's Manaco Resort". No other resorts included the owners name.
The Camano County Club "golf area" is shown. The Camano County Club sold lots and told people about the future golf area. I've heard that they were sued because no golf course was built. The judge ruled that it was a "proposed" golf course, so they weren't legally obligated to build one. If there was a lawsuit and ruling, I'd like to get documents about it.
A good friend of my dad, Perry Holdsworth (spelling?) who was an old Camano architect and maybe involved with the map, pointed out that the second largest Stanwood business was left off the map. The Josephine Sunset Nursing Home.