Salmon Fishing around Camano Island 1980's

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I used to do an excessive amount of salmon fishing around Camano Island. I'd launch my boat at the camano state park and mainly fish at elger bay (south of the state park) or foxes spit at whidbey island, south-west of the state park. elger bay was close and foxes spit had more currents. Below are some fish pictures.

i'd usually flay the salmon and then brine them and smoke them

my cat skeeter loved eating salmon heads and guts

we usually used downriggers and silver horde plugs. sometimes i'd fish for herring and put strips of herring on the hooks.

i've still got the old 16 foot aluminum hewscraft boat, but i haven't used it for around 7 years.

the depth sounder used a paper roll. i could spot the herring balls, and would try to fish at the herring ball depths. often times if the herring balls were big enough, i'd use a herring jig pole with shiny small hooks to catch herring.

my nephews and nieces all liked fishing

my nephews and nieces

it can be easy to catch bottom fish around camano

the smelt spawn on the beaches at many places on camano island

the smelt like to spawn on shaded beaches at high tide, but will spawn at most any beach at high tide