Thanksgiving Day Storm of November 24, 1983

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Below is an email I sent out about the Thanksgiving Day Storm of November 24, 1983 and some photos.

Camano has had some great winter storms.

The Columbus Day Storm, of October 12, 1962 had winds of 85 m.p.h. (equal to hurricane speed). The power was out at manaco for 2 weeks. The camano west siders were irritated that the pud repaired the east side (camano county club) first.

The Hood Canal Bridge broke apart in the February 13, 1979 storm.

The Old Mercer Island Bridge sank in a November 25, 1990 storm. The sinking was caused, in part, by construction waste in the floats under the bridge.

The strong windstorm of March 2 - 3, 1999, took out much of manaco's neighboring camano cove bulkhead.

The Thanksgiving Day storm of Nov. 24, 1983, was a bit of a surprise to weatherpeople, and knocked out power throughout puget sound, and ruined many thanksgiving day dinners. The storm struck during daylight. Ma had most of the turkey cooked before the power went out around 10:30 a.m. During the storm, there was a tugboat in front of manaco, pulling a raft of logs toward everett. around 2:00p.m. the cable between the tugboat and the raft of logs broke, and the logs ended up scattered on the camano beaches from cama to onamac. The next day, which was very calm, a small tugboat pulled and rounded up all the logs off the beaches, except for the logs at cama beach. The story i heard, is that "eccentric" cama beach owner, muriel risk, wouldn't let them take the logs off her private property beach at cama. Two bundles of those logs are still at the cama beach cove.

below are some dark pictures i took down at manaco beach on that Thanksgiving Day storm of Nov. 24, 1983, and some more recent pictures of the two bundles of logs still at cama beach, plus a photo i took on January 19, 2008 of a tugboat and raft of log in front of Manaco.